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CajonExpert.com is a web site totally focused on everything about cajons, run by Stuart Wood of Waywood Music.


Stuart Wood: Why 'Cajon Expert'?

{Stuart Wood - Percussionsit Passionate About Cajons]Stuart has played cajons of different makes, types & sizes since the early 1990s when cajons were first being imported into the UK. He has used them in live (acoustic, small amplified & large amplified) settings, in addition to studio recordings.

With an acute musical ear, Stuart understands how the cajon fits in to different musical styles & how to adjust his playing accordingly. So, when he tries any new cajon he always tests different playing intensities (volumes) & techniques to ensure that it performs well in all settings. This means that if you ask him to choose a cajon for your particular musical setting he can find one that fits.

Stuart's playing experience includes acoustic (non-amplified) gigs in shops, pubs, music clubs, acoustic clubs etc) & amplified gigs in pubs, clubs, small concert halls, large concert halls, stadiums. He has also been sound engineer for live bands & shows so understands some of the behind-the-scenes electronics & has recorded,  produced & co-produced albums recorded in the studio.

His attitude is very much, "If you don't know it, learn it!"

Stuart is renowned for his approachability & ability to explain things in easy-to-understand terms, focussing on making sure that customers have learnt what they wanted/needed rather than just telling them what he knows.

Personal relationships & communication are at the top of Stuart's list of priorities.

Stuart has a passion not only for playing, but as a scientist, he has also spent many years discovering what makes a 'good' cajon 'good.' He is still learning as the different cajon manufacturers change designs, try new materials & add all sorts of cajon accessories.

He is also passionate about helping people learn Basics of Playing Cajons


'Met Stu from Waywood Music yesterday to buy my first Cajon; if you're in the market for one check him out as his knowledge and service is second to none!'

(Manny Elias; Tears For Fears)



Waywood Music

Having run his drums & percussion information & advice-based web site, Waywood Music, since 1998, Stuart has been asked thousands of questions about all aspects of drums, drumming & percussion. He is also a highly respected supplier of cajons to customers where, rather than just picking up a box & sending it, he uses his experience to personally try & choose each & every cajon he sells. He only sends a cajon that he would be happy to play himself.

Waywood Music is currently rated 5-Stars for their customer service, value for money & quality of products by independent customer review.

Read Independent Customers Reviews About Waywood Music on FreeIndex or use the drop-down box below

This is the same service you will receive from CajonExpert.com ... because we are the same company; CajonExpert.com just specialises exclusively in Cajons.



{Stuart Wood - Percussionsit Passionate About Cajons]With the recent increase in popularity of the cajon, it is a natural extension to create a web site that focusses exclusively on all-things-cajon.

When you visit this site you don't have to wade through all other types of drums, percussion or musical instruments. Everything is about cajons & is located in one place.

If you buy a cajon from us, you can be guaranteed of exactly the same quality & standard of service as you would enjoy with Waywood Music BECAUSE WE ARE THE SAME PEOPLE.

Waywood Music has a pedigree & reputation for excellent (5-Star) customer service, back-up, support & after-sales follow-up.

If you have any questions about cajons or any comments about the site, we would love to hear from you

We aim to respond as soon as we can (usually when we receive your e-mail or telephone call, but occasionally, it may take a little longer, for example if we are away on business).

The site will continue to grow & develop so we are very happy to hear your views & suggestions on how we can improve. Of course, we're also happy to receive your feedback on what you like about our service too.

Please remember that we are a small business so it may take a little while.

Enjoy this web site, enjoy your playing & enjoy the very lovely Cajon.


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Basics of Playing Cajons: Techniques & More

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