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J. Leiva Omeya Evo Cajon Model 51.CAJ130
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51.CAJ130  J. Leiva Omeya Evo Cajon

[51CAJ130 Leiva Omeya Evo Cajon]Constructed in birch throughout, the Leiva Omeya Evo cajon provides maximum sound flexibility. Decorated in characteristic J. Leiva Omeya livery, this cajon produces a broad, dynamic range.

All-birch construction brings out the crispness & cut in the high tones & powerful, slightly rounded & punchy bass tones. Slap strokes produce a gratifying & well-defined 'pop.' The balance between low & high tones is consistent across all playing intensities. High tones can be produced with very little or no bass component & bass tones with no high tone component or snare rattle.

The cajon is sensitive across all playing intensities, from delicate & subtle patterns that cut through, to a full-on 'bark' when needed.


[Rear view of Leiva Omeya Evo showing removable sound plate & snare controls]The bright sound of the birch shell allows a wide variety of effects, clicks, pops & snaps to be easily interspersed within your playing, again in great balance with the other tones; clearly standing out without dominating or getting lost.

The Leiva Omeya Evo Cajon uses twin rear sound holes & a movable compression plate to increase sound flexibility.

Close the bottom hole to give a more classic cajon sound.

Close the top hole to create greater bass-punch & focus.

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[Close-up view of DTS snare tensioning mechanism & controls]Combine this feature with 6 internal snare wires adjusted via 3 external DTS adjustment knobs & you can control snare buzz accurately across the tapa (front) face.

This cajon provides a great option for musicians looking to create a range of sounds & experiment with a wide range of miking opportunities, both for live playing & in the studio.

All-in-all a highly flexible, professional drum ; powerful bass tones & cutting highs, with sensitivity to match.


All Leiva cajons stand-out from the competition regarding value for money, balance of sounds & enjoyment to play.  When you buy from us, we either visit the UK importer directly & choose a cajon that we'd be happy to play live or in a recording situation for you or we take you to choose your own.


'Superb service and communication throughout and even offers of a follow-up should we need advice about the instrument. We are very happy customers and highly recommend to others.'

(NK, London, UK)


OUR PRICE:  £245.00 (RRP £275.00)

Courier Delivery (1-3 days) if required UK ONLY £11.00

Total Cost to you incl delivery ... £256.00


Please remember to include a contact telephone number when you order


PLEASE NOTE: If you live outside the UK please contact us before placing an order to confirm delivery costs




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Please note: The J. Leiva Omeya Evo cajon does not come with a cajon bag, but bags are available HERE ...


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Basics of Playing Cajons: Techniques & More

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