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J. Leiva Omeya Bass Pro Cajon Model 51.CAJ136
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51.CAJ136  J. Leiva Omeya Bass Pro Cajon

[51CAJ136 Leiva Omeya Bass Pro Cajon]Made from 100% birch the Leiva Omeya Bass Pro Cajon is another departure in cajon design by Pepe Leiva.

The first obvious difference is the shape. With the front face raised on two isolating feet & a seating area that remains parallel to the floor, the Omeya Bass pro Cajon is trapezoid in shape. From personal experience the drum is very easy to play, but care must be taken not to sit too far back or the drum is liable to spontaneously tip backwards.  Bass tones are expelled through a bass port in the bottom front portion of the drum, producing a rich, balanced, yet powerful bass tone. Highs are crisp & well-defined, typical of a birch cajon.

The preservatives used on the Leiva Omeya Bass Pro Cajon are all natural resins; no varnishes. These produce a more natural resonance from the wood allowing the 'sound' of the wood to project through, ideal for Flamenco music. However, the Bass Pro Cajon is highly flexible by virtue of its adjustability for bass & snare tones, making it applicable to all musical types. Certainly the cajon lives-up to its name 'Bass Pro'.

[Rear view of Leiva Omeya Bass Pro Cajon Removable Rear Backplate]A removable rear compression plate further enhances the separation between bass & high tones, whilst allowing the cajon to retain warmth, so as not to sound too 'dry'. Four adjustable snare wires via the two external DTS tensioning knobs allow changes in the amount of snare sound. However, it is NOT possible to turn the snares completely off by using these adjusters.

Balance between bass tones & high tones remains constant across playing intensities, yet it is possible to us subtle changes in finger tension & pressure to produce clearly defined changes in sound & volume.


The Leiva Bass Pro cajon is a highly flexible, professional drum; powerful bass tones & cutting highs, with sensitivity to match. Suitable for all musical styles.


All Leiva cajons stand-out from the competition regarding value for money, balance of sounds & enjoyment to play.  When you buy from us, we either visit the UK importer directly & choose a cajon that we'd be happy to play live or in a recording situation for you or we take you to choose your own.


'Superb service and communication throughout and even offers of a follow-up should we need advice about the instrument. We are very happy customers and highly recommend to others.'

(NK, London, UK)


The J. Leiva Omeya Bass Pro Cajon is currently only available to special order


OUR PRICE:  £259.00 (RRP £299.00)

Courier Delivery (1-3 days) if required UK ONLY £11.00

Total Cost to you incl delivery ... £270.00


Please remember to include a contact telephone number when you order


PLEASE NOTE: If you live outside the UK please contact us before placing an order to confirm delivery costs


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