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J. Leiva Medina (Natural) Cajon Model 51.CAJ121
Detailed Description & Review

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51.CAJ121  J. Leiva Medina Cajon - Natural Finish

[51CAJ120 Leiva Medina cajon in natural finish]Constructed in natural coloured birch throughout, the Leiva Medina Natural cajon again has beautiful artwork & a great, broad, dynamic sound.

J. Leiva Medina cajons produce powerful, slightly rounded & warm, yet punchy bass tones.

Birch is a great wood for bringing out the crispness & cut in the high tones. Your slap strokes will 'pop' beautifully on these cajons. The very broad dynamic (tonal & volume) range does not sacrifice balance between the low & high tones at any playing intensity. But it is also possible to produce high tones with very little or no bass component & bass tones with no high tone component or snare rattle.

The cajon's sensitivity across all playing intensities is exquisite allowing the most delicate & subtle patterns to cut through, whilst a full-on 'bark' is produced at high intensity playing when needed.

The bright sound of the birch shell allows a wide variety of effects, clicks, pops & snaps to be easily interspersed within your playing, again in great balance with the other tones; clearly standing out without dominating or getting lost.

Adjustment of the four snare wires is via two external DTS snare adjusters at the base of the rear face. Adjustment is quick & easy allowing you to customise the cajon to your own sound & your own individual needs during a playing or recording situation. So you can change from a tighter, funkier sound, to a more gritty, rattly snare sound for ballads etc. Placement of the rear sound hole towards the lower end of the drum seems to focus & concentrate the bass tones more, somehow producing a purer sound.

All Leiva cajons stand-out from the competition regarding value for money, balance of sounds & enjoyment to play.  When you buy from us, we either visit the UK importer directly & choose a cajon that we'd be happy to play live or in a recording situation for you or we take you to choose your own.


'Superb service and communication throughout and even offers of a follow-up should we need advice about the instrument. We are very happy customers and highly recommend to others.'

(NK, London, UK)




Please note: The J. Leiva Medina Natural cajon does not come with a cajon bag, but bags are available HERE ...


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Basics of Playing Cajons: Techniques & More

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