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J. Leiva B.Box Medina Cajon & B.Box Cajon Pedal 51.CAJ150
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51.CAJ150  J. Leiva B.Box Medina Cajon & B.Box Cajon Pedal

The latest addition & extension to the J. Leiva Medina range of cajons is the Medina B.Box. The increasing number of drummers who are moving across to the cajon as an 'acoustic option' has produced a wide range of modifications to the standard, authentic cajon design, the latest being addition of a modified foot pedal (Bass/Kick drum pedal) which allows the cajon to be used in the role of a traditional bass drum. The more creative players are seeing this as an opportunity to enhance their cajon playing rather than simply relegating the instrument to the role of a 'quiet drum kit'.

Available separately or together, the J. Leiva B.Box cajon components are a great way to increase acceptability & accessibility of these great instruments to a wider range of players & their audience.

PLEASE NOTE: At this time the cajon only allows players a 'right handed' set-up i.e., foot pedal operated using the player's right foot. Left-footed playing is possible but the beater head strikes a non-modified area of the cajon side plate, producing a more click-orientated sound with less bass resonance. This may change with time & we'll keep you updated.

So let's look at the separate components of the Leiva B-Box ...

[51CAJ150 Leiva Medina B.Box & B.Box Cajon Pedal]B.Box Medina Cajon - Identical in construction & finish to standard J. Leiva Medina cajons, the B.Box Medina cajon variant is specially machined on the inside of the side panel where the beater strikes the cajon. This thinner area produces greater resonance than a standard side panel, meaning that the bass note is deeper & more distinct when played with the pedal than you would achieve from a normal cajon body. Being located at the side of the cajon, this playing surface is also well away from the tapa (front) face of the drum, so your hands & the pedal beater don't get in the way of each other when you're playing. Birch construction throughout ensures optimal tonal range & response.

The Medina B.Box is highly flexible & can also be played without a pedal, producing the same sound as the standard J. Leiva medina cajons.

Padded cajon carrying bag is NOT included in the price.


B.Box Cajon Pedal - A modified double-bass drum pedal, the B.Box Cajon Pedal attaches to the main cajon using a non-marking clamp arrangement. This sets the beater so that it plays the side of the cajon on the specially thinned area of the side panel, producing a warm, deep tone (though not as deep as that produced by playing the front tapa panel with the hands). A rigid link (similar to the DW system) connects the pedal unit to the beater unit & spring adjustment at both ends allows pedal set-up to your preferred tension. Universal joints (UJs) at both ends of the connecting rod allow placement of the pedal for comfort & so that your legs don't get in the way of your hands when playing. Placement of the striking surface at the side of the cajon (rather than on the front tapa  face also allows greater movement around the playing surface).

Pedal comes in its own carrying bag at no extra cost.  HOWEVER, the J. Leiva B.Box Medina cajon does not come with a cajon bag, but bags are available HERE ...


All Leiva cajons stand-out from the competition regarding value for money, balance of sounds & enjoyment to play.  When you buy from us, we either visit the UK importer directly & choose a cajon that we'd be happy to play live or in a recording situation for you or we take you to choose your own.


Please remember to include a contact telephone number when you order



B.Box Pedal & Cajon:- OUR PRICE:  £347.00 (RRP £395.00)
B.Box Pedal Only:- OUR PRICE:  £149.00 (RRP £179.00) 
B.Box Medina Cajon Only:- OUR PRICE:  £192.00 (RRP £225.00)

Courier Delivery (1-3 days) if required UK ONLY £11.00


PLEASE NOTE: If you live outside the UK please contact us before placing an order to confirm delivery costs




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'Wasn’t expecting a personal reply at this time of night! ... Thank you for this exceptional customer service. I’ll be looking to ‘Waywood Music’ next time my daughter needs something to develop her love of all things percussive. I am sure she will be really pleased with the cajon'

(JR, Cornwall, UK)



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Basics of Playing Cajons: Techniques & More

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